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Thank you to all who inspired me, taught me, and appreciated the sharing of my photos and information. My passion for God's creation has grown immensely and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to grow and to continue to grow...


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Monday, December 31, 2007


So I had to make a Baby New Year, after all it will be New Year's for several months, no? Here is my version, available for sale on ebay through Wednesday...just a three day sale so bid early...the set is one of a kind!!

...haha...and here is baby sitting on the stork's back...any of my dolls will fit comfortably on Mr. Stork's back (just in case you wondered).

Thanks for looking!! HAPPY NEW YEAR...robin


kat449 said...

Happy New Year Robin...
I just found your awesome blog a couple of nights ago...You so rock! I love your work...what a creative spirit you have. your passion just blazes thru all you do. Good luck with Ashton Drake....Yo Go Girl!!!! blessings, Kat (Scaredy Kat Folkheart)

Outside the Box Primitives said...

THANKS KAT...what a sweet thing to say and do ON A HOLIDAY NO LESS!!! if you want, I can add you to my mailing list!! and thanks again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! hugs, robin