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Monday, December 3, 2007

I've been tagged too!!!

from my new friend Brenda of My backyard garden...now there's an artist!!!

1) I am obsessed with making dolls, it is all I do and it is fun to watch them change and grow with each doll.
2) On my farm I have 4 horses and one miniature donkey called Jack, 4 dogs, 1 duck, 1 rooster watch dog, way too many cats... I bought the farm so I could have all the pets I wanted..and I do!!
3) I also met my hubby through a dating site, he contacted me cuz I had long hair (still do) and it was also just to be nice!!! the big attraction for me was his initlas "PhD" he is a scientist, wow I love his brains!!!
4) I play guitar and love to sing, used to be in bands and such, and on occasion enjoy karaoke.
5) I am a registered nurse, and work private duty caring for a girl with cerebral palsy who loves to watch me make my dolls... so see, I never have to stop making them!! ARE THERE MEDICATIONS FOR THIS?

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