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Thank you to all who inspired me, taught me, and appreciated the sharing of my photos and information. My passion for God's creation has grown immensely and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to grow and to continue to grow...


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Monday, January 7, 2008


Meet Raspberry Sherbet. She is my very first lady bug of 2008, and a member of the Valentine Collection 2008. She sits just 5" tall, and is jointed for posing. Her nose is sculpted, eyes drawn with pastels,and her mouth is embroidered. She has gorgeous fabric wings attached with a tiny red heart. Raspberry was on her way to her gramma's house when I spotted her. She made her gramma a homespun Valentine heart door hanger at school, and wanted to take it to her. I asked if I could take her picture, and she pleasantly agreed. Raspberry Sherbet is available for sale on ebay...thanks for your time!! Robin

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Mandy said...

just want to eat her up!