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Thursday, February 14, 2008

RINGLE BUMBLE AUCTION~Thursday through Sunday 8pm EST

Welcome to the very first OTBP blog Auction!!

Ringle Bumble LOVES music, especially from bells. He actually made his very own instrument, that he can carry wherever he goes, and it produces a soft, gentle sound.

Ringle is made of osnaburg, then sculpted, and his eyes pastel with an embroidered mouth. His antennea are wire with tiny bells also.He is secured into a wooden base, and he can stand anywhere. His arms are also made of clay. Ringle's wings are formed wire, with civil war reproduction fabric over laid, then varnished.

He has a tiny heart button helping to keep his wings attached!

His legs and feet are made of wood and clay. He stands just 11" tall, to the top of his bells. His hang tag is a Sam I am Creation, with tiny fairies on it! thanks for stopping by! Shipping and insurance added at end of auction.

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Sam I Am said...

happy Heart day Robin!!