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Monday, March 24, 2008


Well, we had a nice quiet Easter here with my hubby and two of his children. It is funny how life changes and families change and you start out with certain family members, and by 51 you have a bunch of different ones...My son JR called to wish us Happy Easter, he is in Georgia, finishing up college.. what a great kid he ended up to be...he was always the one who never remembered anything.. and now he is the one calling me all the time, 1 outta 3 ain't bad!!. He turned 21 March 22. I never remember his birthday ever being on Easter, but I guess this early time for Easter only comes once in a blue moon. My brother called as well, nice to hear from him. He and I were always close, and I guess we still are good friends even though he lives out in CA and I am here in PA...he isn't into Easter, and he made lotsa sense when he told me, "they call it good Friday, what's good about it when Jesus was crucified"... good point, I used to wonder that myself. Then he mentioned that we all eat ham on Easter, and Jesus would not have been able to eat ham since it is an unclean meat...haha.. the things we do as people, and with our differing religions.. so strange. Then I called my dad, cuz kids call their parents...he sounded so sad, he told me he didn't like holidays much right now (my mom passed August 1, 2007)and so he stayed home and ate soup...he is in FL. Far far away, but we all make choices in our lives...I guess by 84 who you spend time with is directly related to, again CHOICES we make...though at almost 51, I am not sure I would pick family over weather...hmm... guess I will wait til I am 84 and see how the weather is...
yeah I am being so sarcastic.. gosh, maybe I am having a bad day!!!

Well the day has come and gone.. tomorrow starts a new week, closer to my trip to California to meet all my pfatt girl friends... now that will be a fun time...

I am preparing my dolls for Art Doll Quarterly magazine, oh how I hope they put my dolls in there...now that would be a real accomplishment for me. And yes you will have to hear about it from here to eternity!!! Wait til you see the doll I am sending down there!!! whew... each new creation seems to be my favorite...

Then I started some new dolls...some that my wonderful, faithful and true customers, and family have recommended for me to make. On occasion I get into a rut, like anyone else I guess...and need some flames under my petutie...well it worked.

well, nuff said for today... life goes on, we can either go along for the ride, or sit and watch it go by, I choose to take the ride!!!

hugs, robin


Lorraine said...

Hi Robin!
Happy Belated Easter! I'm glad you got to talk to your long distance family members..awww your poor dad, but it does seem like people get a certain age, then they move to FLA..
I'm adding you to my blog list so I can come back!:o)
BTW-Congrats on the Art Doll Quarterly!! Well Deserved..hope you give some sneeky peeks;o)!

Anonymous said...
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