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Thursday, April 24, 2008


I know it's been a little while since I have posted on this regular blog so I decided since I can sit for longer periods now (neck pinchy nerve is better) I will write to you!!!

As you can see by the photos, I had a wonderful artist's retreat to California, San Francisco area. I gathered many wonderful new items to use on my dolls, met Wendy Addison and had a private tour of her studio and shop with my pfatties, and stayed in a wonderful place over looking a gorgeous view of the valley. BUT, I am glad to be home, back to creating and feeling better.

The new "dark dolls" came as a surprise to me, and seem to be quite a hit. There is just something about that "look" they give you that endears them to my heart! I know there are a couple of you who don't care for the "creepy" theme, and I understand and respect that! So hang on, more will be coming along that you might prefer!

I am so excited for spring, and extending my studio out of doors. The sunshine is a much needed, long awaited inspiration for me and I am looking forward to new and different dollies.

I have been trying a few new ideas for you. 1) I had a tiny witch listed on the left hand corner of the sales blog for a while offering your very own custom witch. So many of you emailed me about the witches, I decided to just offer you your very own, made for you! 2) I want to have another drawing soon, and I want to possibly do a doll give away with this one. I will email and ask for only those interested in winning a doll to respond and get added to the "hat". 3) I will continue to send out "surveys" so I can gain a better understanding of what you are looking to add to your private collections. This is very important to me, and thanks so much for responding!!

Thanks again to all my faithful customers, friends and family who support me in my efforts and inspire me beyond my wildest dreams...if it wasn't for you, I could not do what I do!

love to all and huge hugs, Robin

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