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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Those of you who frequent my blogs know I am more on the sales blog getting fresh dollies up for you, and less on the blabber blog as I don't have too much to say (to people anyway)

I do talk to tiny, fabric beings alot though... call it crazy, call it sick...I call it me! Do they answer me? Well...I dare to share for fear of being placed in a tight, white, canvas coat with many straps and ties that one can not easily remove, then forced to take tiny white, sour, jagged little pills that make you feel all fuzzy... but yeah sometimes they do...

It has been said though, by some of YOU, YOU my customers, faithful and true, that they are ALIVE!! So it isn't just me...whew!

This past month:
my oldest daughter's baby shower,
my baby boy's college graduation (pics below),
nother "oldest" daughter home from college for the summer,
my baby girl's wedding (may 31),
my father's birthday,
my FIL's birthday...
it is cash flooding out of the house as fast as it is creeping in!

COMPLAINTS!! NARe A ONE...just facts... sew, i sew and sew and sew...not much time for chatter...but find that I do care, I know you are out there, and I think of you often...

There are many new creatures clawing to "get out" of my small brain space...they will come, so don't be shy, don't go away, come visit often and I will come and play!!!

hugs, robin

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