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Saturday, July 5, 2008


A TRIBUTE TO AUNT MARION PAYNE. This is a photo of my favorite Aunt taken 2yrs ago. It is obviously her birthday party.

Aunt Marion passed away this morning, quietly in her home, with her loved ones surrounding her. She was a wonderful woman, never complained a day in her life even though she was in pain 24/7. Her passion for cats kept her surrounded by Himalayans and Main Coons, the most gorgeous cats I had ever seen. She was always upbeat and positive, a good lesson for me to follow. Her desire to live life to the fullest was fulfilled as she was in her 80's, and had seen the world several times with her loving husband Uncle Don, my mom's brother.

I loved my Aunt, I hope to see her one day again...
I will miss you Aunt Marion, I love you, Robin

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