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Friday, November 7, 2008



the tiny kidden

as many of you know, we "found" a litter of 3wk old kittens that had to be hand fed and bottle fed etc...
well three of them left today to their new homes... one left last week, and TOM, decided he was staying put, he knew he had a good thing going here at the ranch.
Tom follows me to every room, climbs my legs with his talons, sits up under my chin and purrs. He is either sleeping under my feet at the computer or under my chin in my work chair. He has won my heart and fulfills my HIGH MAINTENANCE ATTENTION needs that I have.
meet TINY TOM...my new kidden.

as you can see my papillon, Skeet is not convinced that Tom should become a Seeber.


Mandy said...

aw!!!!!! tom is so cute... kinda reminds me of our old friend buddy... can't wait to meet the little guy at christmas ;)

Shanna B said...

Who's the little one stretching out in the background?

Jenny said...

So happy that all the kittens found god homes...I wish I could have taken one!!