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Friday, November 7, 2008


hello, I decided since there is a bread line in Washington, I am gonna race and get in on it. My wonderful piece of American heritage is quickly crumbling due to inclement weather and age. It is an 1870's mail pouch barn, that is presently in use for my livestock, mostly horses. If it falls, it could kill or hurt them and then they would have no shelter. I actually put in a claim to my insurance company, and they rejected it. I emailed, called and spoke with many barn people who were not interested in helping. So I decided to plead to Nancy Pelosi, since she has quite a bit of loose and disposable cash, and this would only be around $50,000 to completely restore.

Dear Nancy Pelosi, November 7, 2008
My name is Robin Armstrong Seeber. I reside on a small farm just west of Pittsburgh, PA, with my family. I moved here about 9yrs ago to finish raising my children by myself. It is an 1870 farm house and Mail Pouch barn, quite a piece of our American heritage. As time has slipped by, money was always reserved for other priorities and my barn has started to fall victim to age and weather conditions.
In researching ways to preserve this piece of history, I found that no one could help me. My last resort is pleading to our great nations govt to help me save this barn. It had some serious wind damage from the last hurricane winds. I had my insurance company out to assess the damage, but said because it is so old, they will not cover it. I cannot afford to lose this barn as I have livestock residing there, plus it would be an eye sore for passersby to see a fallen piece of history.
Can you help me? I found it will take only about $50,000 to completely restore it bringing it back to it’s original condition, and causing it to last another 135 yrs . I will never be able to afford this.
I had nowhere else to turn Nancy. You are my last resort. So I am pleading to you to help if you think you can, if you feel this is important to our Pennsylvania history, and great American heritage. My barn has had many by passers photograph it for a “mail pouch” barn since it has advertised that in the past.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration in this matter,
info removed for security purposes and to make my daughter happy!!
I love her!! thanks for caring mandy..


Mandy said...

mom - this may be overcautious, but should you post your address/phone number on your blog? just a thought! hope nancy obliges your request!

Outside the Box Primitives said...

i hear ya hon.. but my addy and phone are all over the net for the business...it's ok.. really.. i have roger.. LOL, i also have identity theft alerts out all over for me..thanks though!!!