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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


this year's colony sleeping peacefully inbetween the barn rafters

They are brown bats, excellent to have around since they eat at least their weight in bugs every night. We are surrounded by a large creek, so they are quite at home here. They are really adorable, these are babies, learning how to live and survive.
I will try to get some better pics and post them later...

how fun!


my little annies said...

Hi Robin!! most people would look at that and faint!! I also love bats!! I found a bat sitting under a car, their was somthing wrong with one of the wings so I put it in a box and took it to a wild life place where they take care of them and let them go. someday I am going to get a bat box in my back yard!!


Ann said...

great photos. I've never seen a bat that close up!!

merelyadream said...

We have bats here too, not sure where they are living though....could be in the old little barn they use to house animals in?? But we have a very large swamp/water area and they do eats lots of the bugs :)