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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

JUNE! already

Amazing how quickly time passes as you get older. It was just APril!

My duck, who is about 7yrs old at least...found a friend. His friend is quite friendly and comes up to you to be fed his cat food. Yes cat food. I bought cracked corn for years, but my duck insisted on feeding with the barn cats. It's pretty cute actually, and how he has brought his friend.
We call them Laurel and Hardy. I assume when they disappear in the creek, they are over Laurel's house for a while..

i love ducks

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Anonymous said...

Me Too! When I was young I had ducks too. Right in the middle of town! My dad built them a cabin in our back yard and we put a wire fence all around it. They even had a swimming pool. Sadly, a raccoon happened upon them one day and that was it for my ducks. Laurel and Hardy are adorable. Hugs, Cathy