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Sunday, June 19, 2011

NATURE AT THE FARM~ been enjoying taking bug photos around the farm, here are a few to share

 forget me not flowers

locust tree flowers

awesome little beetle

little beetle in rye grass

spider hatchlings

pretty grass 

hover fly on gallium

wheel bug nymph, great for the garden, but the bite is worse than a bee sting and takes months to heal..so beware

Tachinid fly~looks like a lady  bug fly to me!

hover fly on forget me nots

yellow and black ladybug

red and black ladybug

dandelion spreading seeds~blowin in the wind

pretty weeds


straw flower

  gotta get back to you on this one


  blackberry flowers

Elderberry borer

 hover fly, ready for  take off

hover fly up close for take off


huge bumble bee on wild phlox

 eight spotted forester moth

orb  weaver spider

Red-Spotted Purple Butterfly - Limenitis arthemis

not sure yet! 

humming bird moth

awesome fly at a distance

nother close up of THE fly

 tachinid fly 


Ann said...

wow Robin!! fabulous nature photos!! thanks so much for sharing!! hugs!!

Linda Walsh said...

Hi, Robin: Love the pictures. My sister is fascinated by flowers and bugs, too and loves taking pictures of them. Have a great day. Linda