TO~further the knowledge of nature, and encourage protection, and conservation of it.

Thank you to all who inspired me, taught me, and appreciated the sharing of my photos and information. My passion for God's creation has grown immensely and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to grow and to continue to grow...


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Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am thankful for God, and all He has created for us, and that on occasion I can capture it.


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DAD getting in the act...can you see the moth on the tree?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Investigating the Assassins

 insects have 6 jointed legs, two antennae, and an exoskeleton made of chitin the same thing our hair and nails are made up of. They have a  three-part body consisting of a head (with the mouthparts, eyes, and antennae), thorax (where the legs and wings  attach), and the abdomen (with the reproductive, and most digestive organs). 

The wheel bugs belong to the Assassin family, and were seen by me for the first time this past summer, are very beneficial for our gardens and yards as they keep the pesty insect population at bay.
Their bite can be very severe so don't play around with them! It can take up to six months for the 
painful bite to heal.
I just love these bugs, they are slow moving, great posers for my nikon and great color as they change from brilliant orange/red, to a deep gun metal gray.

here a wheel bug nymph in spring RED

adult wheel bug~check out that beak! 

adult wheel bug, see the wheel on top of it's back (looks
more like a gear to me)

Wheel bugs mating... summer love!
they are around 1 1/2 in to 2 in in length, not a 
bug that you can miss! 

NOVEMBER 22~two days before Thanksgiving

and I am happy to share I am thankful most every day...
Lately I have been uninspired to create dolls, though I do have a mermaid 
in my brain who is halfway out and flapping her fin to be completed.
I will work on her full time today as the family is awaiting her appearance for the upcoming
Christmas holiday.
Here are some of my favorite flower photos, and yes weeds, living and dead...
Some of the most interesting and prettiest flowers are found on weeds. So I will share; 
FANTASTIC?  maybe not, but cool looking to me... 

white cleome, or spider flower, they are interesting, attract hummers, butterflies and miriads of bees and bugs
 they just grow taller and taller all summer long

cleome in purple

not sure yet, will hope to learn it over the next year

not sure but I think iron weed? maybe not

stem of grass.. with dew

lady fingers?

wild sunflower

jewel weed

crab apple berries

poke berries

forget me nots~ yep remembered THESE

white clover

dried up burdock~I understand the roots are great eating

snap dragon

wild sunflower

such pretty tiny flowers, another weed


white clover also

Monday, November 21, 2011

SPIDERS~ are by far my most favorite thing to observe, photograph and learn about, so far at least

the first of my 'really good' photos of a spider
all the whilst I was learning how to take photos.

Then there are the Argiopes, a large 
group of orb weavers within themselves...high on my list
of favorite arachnids.

Black and Yellow Argiope with cicada
so you can see how large and spectacular these
arachnids are.

also called the banana spider

The Banded Argiope are also wonderful
there appear to be two species, I still need to learn
how to tell the difference...

check out his EYES, all of them

spinners at work

and weaving her web to catch a meal.. so meticulous 
and careful...like a slow dance ...

amazing, freaky and oh so large, here seen 
with her egg sac in the weeds...

in the beginning~ GOD, yes He did, He did indeed...

It has taken me 49 yrs (5yrs ago now) to discover that the person I was is not the person I am...if that makes any sense at all.
My life has so far been allowing others to live through me, and I went along with it. Not such a bad thing as I am who I am today because of my past...but always remember; never look back you arent' going that way.
I am an artist and a licensed folk artist with the Bethany Lowe Design company, a fabulous place; http://bethanylowe.com/, a naturalist ( untrained at this point) but preparing to be trained beginning in Jan 2012. My mother taught me all I know about nature, as she was MOTHER NATURE at summer camp, beside the things I learned on my own as she taught me always to stop and smell the roses, and look at the weeds too, and the grass, and creek, sky and trees. This will be my story, my journey of becoming a more complete person within myself.

LOok what lives amongst the "weeds" we so abhor  ( well I don't, but most do) the tiny, steampunk of bugs, THE ROBBER FLY.

here he is having a bath, cleaning his legs
and wings and eyes.

and here he awaits a bug unaware to 
rob the bodily fluids from.

just check out those goggles, only 
steampunk freaks could envy them...

ahh lunch... 

sunning himself on a weed, 
yes eventually I will be hopefully able to tell
you what weed! 
Just one of the pleasures of stopping, looking, 
seeing, listening ( well not really, they don't speak)
and snapping your nikon 55mm lens at!
I will be back with more, this blog is now DEDICATED to my mother
(photo to follow)
for all her time, efforts,patience, love and knowledge to raise me
the best she knew how and teach me all she knew to share 
with my family and friends and anyone who would be interested
in what is Out There... 
on a closing note for today...
STOP smell the roses, look at the weeds and appreciate what
GOD, yes GOD has created for us...whether to enjoy or annoy
to remind us of WHO HE is...
by far one of the prettiest and best beetles I have encountered
thus far. I am anticipating and excited about observing many
many more....
have a nice night..don't kill the spiders you find
crawling around, their wanderings are not aimless! 
they keep your house pest free! 
~hopeless nature lover and photography freak
links to my photos published on bugguide.net;