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Sunday, November 13, 2011

ARGIOPE OF 2011~hobby shots

or also known as the Banana Spider~ here seen with a full sized cicada
yes very large spiders! this is a female argiope

awaiting lunch, check out the zigzag center of the web, so creative

black and yellow argiope on dried queen anne's lace

banded argiope weaving his web~ see the silk coming from the spinner
and the rear leg hooking it to the pattern

banded argiope

good shot of the eyes of a female banded argiope

black and yellow argiope

banded argiope weaving web


Hanni said...

That is a beautiful Spyder, but very creepy!

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

haha, thanks hanni, they are harmless and keep all the 'bad' bugs away...stop again!