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Monday, November 21, 2011

in the beginning~ GOD, yes He did, He did indeed...

It has taken me 49 yrs (5yrs ago now) to discover that the person I was is not the person I am...if that makes any sense at all.
My life has so far been allowing others to live through me, and I went along with it. Not such a bad thing as I am who I am today because of my past...but always remember; never look back you arent' going that way.
I am an artist and a licensed folk artist with the Bethany Lowe Design company, a fabulous place; http://bethanylowe.com/, a naturalist ( untrained at this point) but preparing to be trained beginning in Jan 2012. My mother taught me all I know about nature, as she was MOTHER NATURE at summer camp, beside the things I learned on my own as she taught me always to stop and smell the roses, and look at the weeds too, and the grass, and creek, sky and trees. This will be my story, my journey of becoming a more complete person within myself.

LOok what lives amongst the "weeds" we so abhor  ( well I don't, but most do) the tiny, steampunk of bugs, THE ROBBER FLY.

here he is having a bath, cleaning his legs
and wings and eyes.

and here he awaits a bug unaware to 
rob the bodily fluids from.

just check out those goggles, only 
steampunk freaks could envy them...

ahh lunch... 

sunning himself on a weed, 
yes eventually I will be hopefully able to tell
you what weed! 
Just one of the pleasures of stopping, looking, 
seeing, listening ( well not really, they don't speak)
and snapping your nikon 55mm lens at!
I will be back with more, this blog is now DEDICATED to my mother
(photo to follow)
for all her time, efforts,patience, love and knowledge to raise me
the best she knew how and teach me all she knew to share 
with my family and friends and anyone who would be interested
in what is Out There... 
on a closing note for today...
STOP smell the roses, look at the weeds and appreciate what
GOD, yes GOD has created for us...whether to enjoy or annoy
to remind us of WHO HE is...
by far one of the prettiest and best beetles I have encountered
thus far. I am anticipating and excited about observing many
many more....
have a nice night..don't kill the spiders you find
crawling around, their wanderings are not aimless! 
they keep your house pest free! 
~hopeless nature lover and photography freak
links to my photos published on bugguide.net; 

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