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Friday, April 27, 2012

I love snakes~

I was out practicing with my large butterfly net, so when I go to WV to capture leps for photographing for the Atlas, I don't waste time in practice. IT'S HARD to capture these guys even with a huge net! but this is what I came up with so far;

Cabbage White (Pieris rapae) was my first capture. After several minutes flying around like a bat out of hell, or a butterfly trying to escape a nutty lady with a net...it settled down enough to sit on my finger. I was so excited and nervous it was going to fly away before I got a pic ( so people would believe me) I didn't really take the time to get a fabulous photo, but here is what I got;

Then the Red Admirals, well I think they are really hard to get, as their flight pattern, very sporatic and appears to have no pattern at all, well it's just so fast and furious.. but low and behold, I captured a 
He/she was tattered and torn, and after flying around the box like mad, finally allowed me to hold it too.

I saw a Swallow tail butterfly head down to the creek, so I decided to follow it, since I know the males "puddle" while they wait and watch for females. On my way down the path to the creek, wallah
I near stepped on an Eastern Garter snake, what a beauty.
Small little one, maybe 12- 18 inches.

it was very tolerant of me at first, allowing me to carry it around and "play" with it a bit

but then

it began to get annoyed, and actually lunged at me mouth agape
trying to bite me, I of course let it go at that point.. 
I sure didn't want to upset it anymore or make it have a no good very bad day...
it had a small injury I noticed after I got the photos downloaded. I hope it will 
be ok! 

such a pretty thing, so very tiny...just about 1.5cm wing span
a MOTH ! mind you... in the daytime! 
I read that there are moths that like daylight, but most prefer 
the dark.

FUN times on Robin's Nest Acres...
more to come


squirrel said...

You sure have been busy. I noticed the nice photos of Leps you uploaded to BAMONA. I have continued to upload mine to that site for confirmation on my ID's. Butterflies will drive you crazy with their eratic flights. I'm just taking some awful photos but at least they can be counted and identified. Occasionally I get a nice photo but it is rare. Keep practicing! I enjoyed the telling of your efforts.

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

hey thanks Cheryl...that's a great sight! and yes they are nuts, I have been seeing gobs of admirals, I plan to go to WLU grounds tomorrow to begin my surveying...can't wait!and you are right, long as you can see and identify them, that's all that matters!