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Friday, April 13, 2012

today on the farm~

I was so saddened to see my neighbor mow down his 2 acre meadow today...I had been observing the red winged black birds building their nests over there and had wandered over to try to find some and take some photos of what may be in them...I feel if you are going to cut your grass or meadow, you should keep it cut, as that way the meadow beings won't depend on it for habitat...

this is what I came upon today on my farm~ which I am working on building permanent habitat, so no one can change it...

Polistes~ paper wasp
gathering wood for it's nest

a ravine salamander~of special concern
in Pa...
I found three so far!

then some great weeds...

Garlic mustard 

(Alliaria officinale.. new species name...petiolata)

our prized dandelion~most nutritious food
 you could ever comsume!

Chickadee~black capped or carolina
only they know for sure! 

enjoying my new seed cake mix at the new feeder

resting bumble bee~ amazing creature

this is a large one~ 2.5cm
check out those mouth parts! 

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