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Thursday, May 3, 2012

a bit of naturalist~

Today~ it was a torrential downpour and of course as the creek rose higher and higher I did not want to experience last year's flood again, so I moved the horses up to their new barn. It was time, it was ready, they didn't mind since it was surrounded by an area of fresh green grass. 
They adjusted, I adjusted, all is good so far! 

Found this little guy American Toad~bufo americanus hopping around and he was unhappy about being turned over so I could photograph his belly, but oh well! things must be done...

So, tonight, I decided since I could hear such loud frog calling that it was a perfect night to do a watch sheet. I am presently assisting FROG WATCH USA in their data collecting. It's fun and interesting and pretty easy so far. With my Beaufort wind scale and thermometer in hand, along with data sheets, off I went...

I walked towards the calling, I had my headlight on, and super flash light in hand, paperwork etc for my trip. I was scanning the area and low and behold EYES everywhere... I was excited. I walked slowly and carefully to the wetland AND did my 3 minute listen. I could not take it any longer and turned on my mondo light, it was so funny watching the males try to mate with the other males, and the squealing sound they make as if to say "hey buddy I am a guy!! ". Apparently there were only males present at the time I was there, since I saw no mating...I counted 7 males in plain view. They did not mind me being there one bit! The horses did not come down to bother me either, I would have worried that someone would have been stepped on! 

I plan to do another trip tomorrow night, and take my camera to see
what I can capture. 
Then I strolled along the creek, stopped, waited my 2 mins, listened for 3 minutes and still heard only peepers and American Toads...but saw two green frogs...they are beautiful. Wandered the farm all around the perimeter, it was a quiet night ... 

more tomorrow! 


squirrel said...

American Toads look like they were born saying, "Oh, bother". I think of them as the curmudgeons of the forest. Nice photos. That black spot under the chin is charastic of this species.

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

hey thanks! I had a photo not long ago of another toad, Joe Greathouse said Flower's, Pa herp said American, and both said "or hybrid" so I figure after much reading it was a hybrid indeed...did NOT get a pic of his belly, so this time I made sure of it!