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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Edible wild plants, Wild flowers and Weeds of WV~via Bill Beatty

had a fun and informative class in "the woods" 
Saturday, May 5th. It is amazing how God gave
us all we need, it's right in front of us. How did
we get away from all this?

Bill sharing how good it is to put a plug of mint
up your nose! 
it does smell heavenly... 

Appendaged waterleaf~beautiful little purple flower

Narceus americanus/annularis complex~millipede
they have cyanide in a fluid they give off, so wash your hands good
after handling... these guys are huge, 3.5 in, by 1/3 in...and so many legs! 

chatting about Sassafrass I believe

Wood nettle, very stingy ~ so becareful, but if 
folded a certain way, it can in fact be eaten! 

Ebhann, one of our students, just ate some wood nettle!

digging up roots to show us about them...not sure which plant in this
photo... the sun was playing with my exposures

taking notes

wild ginger

beautiful woods.. 

taking a break

ramps! so yummy! 

fern curls... 

questions and answers... 

Apheloria virginiensis~north american millipede, awesome and amazing creature, about 4cm in length and 1 cm wide...they give off cyanide, so wash your hands well after you handle these guys...they are herbivores, they don't bite !

Curly Doc, also edible


Wild flower class begins... 

yay Jan came! 

Jan sharing violets 

violets are so tasty! 

looking up close... 

and closer with a loop

my friend Robin with her loop, I did not have a loop...
I did not know how important a loop is to have, I ordered 
a loop from amazon, it's on it's way! 

white violet

Phil takes great notes! 

the plant "bible" 
Bill told me " The book is the Flora of WV and is available on EBAY (on occasion) and at the gift shop at the Seneca Rocks Visitor Center Gift Shop.  It is a technical book and I do not recommend it to any one who isn't dedicated to learning how to use plant keys and isn't prepared to become acquainted with the technical jargon."

crab spider~Bill thinks.. 


Dr. Loughman's flag with my lucky number on it! 

um.... it's on the tip of my tongue ! 

Sweet Cicely~pretty sure?


what a place to be... 

nother quick break

one of 16 species of buttercups...

the bulb of the buttercup

cool hat! 

great caterpillar... need to get this id'd

anterior ... 

awesome huge snail... 

rust on may apple

blue cohosh

hairy mint

anterior view hairy mint~ so good

may apple flower

sassafrass leaves and stem, great to suck on.. 

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