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Friday, May 4, 2012

FROG WATCH USA~ a night with the toads

I found my horse pasture to be quite entertaining, almost to the point of saying that I would much rather be there, than on any fancy dancy vacation or even at the beach! 

I am working on a project for Master Naturalist called FROG WATCH USA...you wander to an area where you know there will be frogs and toads ( shallow water) and stand there, wait 2 mins, listen for 3 mins then write down your listenings. Temperature, wind speed, frog calling levels, time, and location ( gps) it's really quite interesting and not hard...

This time I took my camera with me, I wondered if I would or could get even one decent shot. Ya know what? The frogs and toads could care less you are standing there, they call and capture each other no matter! yay...here is what I came up with.
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the difference in their markings amaze me...but I do 
believe from their calls, the toads are all the 
Eastern American Toad
bufo americanus

and then, there was this green frog! 
I waited and waited, and he never peeped...
Green Frog~rana clamitans

he crouched all down flat when he spotted me trying to 
take an overhead shot...but he didn't hop away! 

here was the other green frog I spotted about 30 ft away 

another bufo americanus
I really love the reflection in the water, and the 
water rings all around it...

PROBLEM~ I need to be making dolls 
but I am seriously addicted to wild life in every way....

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