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Sunday, June 17, 2012

JOY ~ farming has sorrow from time to time, but then there are the good times too;

Stolen back from their mother today, as they are 4wks old, and she goes to be fixed tomorrow...it was time...she had them in the worst place! so we are bottle feeding and enjoying watching them step into the milk dish and lick their toes...

Murphy, with the 'M' you can't miss on his forehead...characteristic of a Main Coon cat, always ready to go, anxious to be held and coddled.

Alice~resembles our Tom who of course can't be the dad as he was neutered over two years ago...she is a get up and go-er...and the noisiest of the pride, formerly known as Olivia, she is "curiouser and curiouser" so hence she is now Alice.

Jimmy~reminds me of Jimmy Duranti, a famous actor from the 40's with the best nose...Jimmy is a shy and quiet type, perfect for that calm household

LOU~too cute for words, the "ugly duckling" of the bunch, but will most likely turn into a real prince...he resembles his Uncle Meyer who disappeared several months ago...

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