TO~further the knowledge of nature, and encourage protection, and conservation of it.

Thank you to all who inspired me, taught me, and appreciated the sharing of my photos and information. My passion for God's creation has grown immensely and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to grow and to continue to grow...


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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

pretty little feather

I found this feather beside my balloon flowers, under the  wild bee balm beside the humming bird feeders. I asked my expert what he thought it might be... the answer when I return!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

OUR garden this year~well Hubby's garden!

yummy zuchinni

my baby Sanders~24 and looking great! 

tomatoes and sunflowers! 

PEEPS! well they were peeps, now they are
larger and not so cute anymore...but still fun
and the adult feather colors are gorgeous

Lucy~my chicken

she is pretty tame... 

the leader of the flock is in grey in the background

it's a bird's life

Monday, July 2, 2012

down on the farm~~

Every day brings new experiences here on Robin's Nest Acres. 
On my way in the door last evening, I spotted a large brightly colored, furry moth.
It was an I.O. moth...one of my favorites, a medium sized moth of the Buck Moth group.
A male as you can see by the bright yellow color and large furry antennae.

he was nice enough to climb upon my finger for 
some close ups...