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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

HERE SHE COMES~ a MOnarch is born

you can see the wing patterns the day before eclosing
the chrysalis remains a pristine lime green color, 
if there is brown coloring and no pattern, chances are
the chrysalis is infected and will burst ...this would need 
to be taken down and disposed of so it doesn't infect the
other butterflies, see the photo of
a "bad" chrysalis...see how the lime green
is turning brown...brown is NOT good...
but make sure you aren't seeing wing patterns 
don't want to toss out a wonderful butterfly by 

a "good' healthy chrysalis
NO brown coloring

The chrysalis begins to turn transparent
that is how you know it's time! 

the chrysalis begins to open

then pop, her abdomen emerges and wings quickly
after that.. 

drying and stretching her wings

then off to the Good Zoo (Oglebay) to
have Penny Miller tag them, we got a boy and a girl ! 
this is the girl, she is in the photos above...

isn't she beautiful!

this is the boy

he was still "drying" his wings, so he didn't 
open them as often, it was hard to get him in focus...
see the polka dots on the black lines? that means it's a boy

They were tagged and released at the environmental center at
Oglebay Park...in the butterfly garden... a real
paradise for them!! 

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