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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MCATS~morphing, what a miracle, what an honor and blessing to experience this three times over in one day...

Monarch caterpillar in "J" form awaiting it's metamorphosis into 
a chrysalis...

here you can see the long black tentacles all shriveled and twisted up
a true sign that metamorphosis is about to take place.

the cat begins to straighten out as the 
chrysalis begins to bulge and pop the skin

here you see the skin splitting just between the twisted black tentacles

and the chrysalis becomes more and more 

til it has almost all appeared and 
the cat squiggles and squirms round and round
in order to get the old skin to drop off

it finally drops off as the caterpillar twists and twists around
apparently securing itself even more to the top of the container

finally settling down, it begins to dry

and harden, you can see at this time where the butterfly 
head is, and antennae and even the legs will eventually be

here is a completely dry chrysalis all ready to begin
the metamorphosis into a beautiful adult monarch
butterfly... in about 10-14 days
this particular chrysalis below did NOT make it
it became infected and turned brown, only
10% of these make it...

each day there will be changes and I will photograph them as I can and post them...
an exciting time! 

here is the chrysalis of the actual caterpillar shown in this series changing... it appears
to be going to enclose soon, as you can see the wing pattern through the chrysalis wall...
this is 8:34 am Sunday August 19...

Here is the same Chrysalis 11:30 am August 19th, 
you can see so m uch more change...

I am expecting this to enclose Monday morning August 20th, it 
will be day 14

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Ann said...

the magnificence of nature!!
thanks for sharing these photos!!
i'm looking forward to the others!!