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Thursday, September 13, 2012

MONARCH C-SECTION~ story of a miracle ! (click on photos to enlarge)

So... I sleep with my papillon and two kittens that still NEED A GOOD INDOOR HOME...this morning, I woke up when hubby did, so he took the dog downstairs, I also said " sure let the kittens go down" ... BIG MISTAKE... but in dreamland who thinks in reality?

Last night before bed I checked my three chrysalis' and the one in the big black mesh cage was transparent and ready to eclose the next morning....the kittens just love this mesh cage, it's a nightly exercise keeping them away from it. 

Yep you guessed it, they had the cage down on the ground, the chrysalis missing... I was devasted to say the least.. I can't believe I was responsible FOR THE DEATH OF A PERFECTLY GOOD MONARCH...

I knew it hadn't had time to eclose since the kittens were down at probably 630 am... so I decided to be Sherlock Holmes and search for it... if they ate it they would be sick.. so it had to be somehwere or at least the remains and I could know what happened, and continue to persecute myself. I searched everywhere, then thought, oh no didn't, you didn't look in the heater vent! In a house as old as mine ( 1870) the heater vents are large ugly things on the floors...took my fabulous flashlight and got down on my knees, I lifted off the heavy metal plate...now farbeit for anything to go down these vents, they are huge and things are not recovered with ease...but there is a short thin shelf right before the abyss... and low and behold THERE WAS THE CHRYSALIS!!! I ever so carefully lifted it out, seeing it had been crunched by sharp dagger like kitten teeth... my heart sank... 

I didn't have the heart to toss it in the garbage as I just wanted to make sure it was dead...I placed it in a container and walked away at least knowing I had found the corpse.

Not able to leave things alone for long when I think I might fix it or another miracle may yet occur, I took it outside, all the time praying that it was ok... I laid it on the table in the warm morning sun.. IT MOVED...the top of the chrysalis where it connects to whatever the mcat spins silk onto, had been broken off and the abdomen was partially exposed.. but it wiggled I saw it wiggle !! It appeared to be "caught" as the abdomen always ecloses out the front of the chrysalis...so I got my trusty embroidery scissors and forceps ( my butterfly forceps) and ever so carefully snipped the transparent chrysalis up the back to where the abdomen was peeking out, releasing the captured abdomen. Suddenly the front of the chrysalis opened and out popped a butterfly!!! I was ecstatic!! I placed a stick at it's legs so it could grab on since it was "born" on it's back. It climbed the stick and rested... 

The wings didn't look right, so I was again disappointed...but i waited, and waited.. and before I knew it the wings were stretching out and uncurling... 

WE HAVE A PERFECTLY FINE BOY!! a C-SECTION AT THAT but another monarch to be tagged and released.. 

Thank you Lord for your beauty and the experience to rescue this fine bug...
whew! ... life of a monarch mama is and emotional roller coaster! 

Oh how I wish I had taken photos of the damaged chrysalis...
but I didn't want to remind myself of this tragedy..
hopefully there won't be a next time!

So, I took "cat toy" to the zoo today to get tagged for release...he was cooperative and patient as I released him and took photos.. what a gorgeous creature

TAG 563~hope he gets found and called in! 

Mexico here we come! 

and yes, it's a boy! see the black spots on the bottom wings
that's how you tell...isn't he beautiful! 

and thank the good Lord, he is safe and off on his trip.

thanks for being interested ... 


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