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Friday, November 9, 2012

MY bird captures~ click photos to see large size

I love birds, my name is Robin, a bird that has a beautiful song and eats worms! what a combination...so I am teaching myself how to capture birds on camera ... any bird that comes within several inches of my lense.
Often people ask me, " do you have greeting cards with your photos on them?" ... 
so very shortly there will be greeting cards in my etsy shop! 
I am excited and honored that people love my photos... 
thank you so much, you are all an inspiration to me...
I hope you enjoy these photos, I am still learning, 
I use a nikon D40, with a 300mm zoom lense, I 
get about 10 ft away from my feeders.
My photos are photoshopped as little as is possible as I prefer
a very natural look as they are in nature...I sharpen a bit ( for printing) and remove occasional stray branches or spots. 

very hard to capture, they are very wary...
I understand ( if this is true) they were hit very hard
by West Nile Virus and aren't as plentiful as they were...

look at those brilliant tail feathers! 

Carolina Wren~ what a friendly and cute little bird...
beautiful song, and keeps an eye on you, not fearful at all

... a real poser

Chickadee~ blacked capped or Carolina? I dunno
I understand you need to measure the length of the tail to tell them
apart...I don't get that close! 
also very brazen and don't mind the camera

"hey you down there! leave some seeds for me" 

Downy Woodpecker~ cute as can be, and just
love sunflower chips.

also waiting for a turn at the feeder... very intense little guys

American Goldfinch~ they appear to be very patient
waiting for a turn at the feeder, they just fluff up and hang out.

"mmmmmm I love peanut butter suet, but it gets on my beak!"
goldfinch cleaning off his beak on a branch

I was very excited to see the Junko's this year! our first ever 
that I have seen... he/she was coming to the feeder! 
I know they are ground feeders, I guess not enough seed had dropped to keep them satisfied. 

what a pretty little bird

Red bellied woodpecker~ a bit wary, but once they are at the feeder they do stay and eat...

Sparrow ( not sure what kind will get back to ya) 
they prefer the feeder by the woods and creek vs the 
feeder by the creek and driveway... more places to hide! 

so cute! 

Tufted Titmouse~ brazen and feisty these little guys are king
of the feeders, they will come to get seed no matter who is around! 


 Mourning Dove~ very wary at the feeders, I have only had one
land to eat, with me there...all in good time...

more to come! join the emai list at the top right hand column for info and updates on new posts! 
thanks so much for sharing your time with me! 


Wind Dance said...

Beautiful bird pictures. I am a 2006 WV Master Naturalist who started blogging as a self-imposed therapy after a very serious illness. I commented on your blog earlier, but we had a power surge, and I don't think my comment was posted. Please excuse this if by chance it is a repeat.

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

sorry I never got notification about your comment! so I gotchya now.. thanks!!