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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

winter birds~ the brave, the tough, the chilly and the hungry

Female Cardinal with seed

I suppose they are all the same birds one after another, 

I find they always have different expressions and positions...
goldfinch on goldenrod finding seeds

you can see and feel it in their feather language...

what a pretty bird, well they all are.. a mourning dove sitting on the tree
awaiting a turn at the feeder full of raisins, nuts and sunflower chips

this one is plain tired... 

a house finch, my first time seeing one, but then I am only a 
new "birder" sort of person... just a few weeks actually

hey save some for me guys! 

english sparrow... fluffing up to keep warm

chickadee~ not sure about black capped or carolina, but
still adorable and feeding on a sunflower chip

it's getting breezy out! 


and another goldfinch.. they sit still the longest hence
the majority of photos are goldfinch! 

one of my favorites so far.. all fluffy and warm

titmouse heading for sunflower seed heaven

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