TO~further the knowledge of nature, and encourage protection, and conservation of it.

Thank you to all who inspired me, taught me, and appreciated the sharing of my photos and information. My passion for God's creation has grown immensely and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to grow and to continue to grow...


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Sunday, January 27, 2013

More Birds of winter... I love birds, I took a recent photography class and couldn't wait to get out and see if what I heard I may have learned...here are a few so far..

The beautiful and recognizable 
Northern Cardinal~male
staring right at me, as they are very wary, and only just recently
began coming to the feeder with me there snapping away.

I counted 6 males in the trees, and even more females

Putting out whole kernel corn for the squirrels, I saw 4 bluejays
there snatching up those kernels.

and another... love these guys

not the best photo, but one of my all time favorites
the Carolina Wren ~ I purchased some dried mealworms
SOOO expensive, and put them out, no one took any, I was disappointed as I felt maybe I wasted my money...the feeder tipped over, and lo and behold, look who showed up to clean them up!
so I guess mealworms go on the ground not the feeder! 

Mourning doves~ I wonder if they are a pair? spring is coming! 

Dark eyed Junco...love these guys/gals

Male Downy Woodpecker perched on the feeder aiming for 
the suet cage...

then...three new birds for me, sorta...
the Tree Sparrow, you can tell the difference between this one and the Field Sparrow by the color of the beak, this Tree Sparrow's beak has a yellow bottom! 

This one is the White-Throated Sparrow, 
there are two forms, White crowned and Tan crowned...
this is the Tan Crowned as it has a yellow forehead, the 
White crowned does not...

Song sparrow~not new for me.. but first time I actually
identified one...

So similar but so very different! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013


HOW fun to open the door and meet a small Doe in the herb garden. We startled each other, but she stood and allowed me some photos, then gracefully walked away down the driveway...